Live video from August 2019

The 220 Project Bio

The 220 project are an electronic duo from Bristol and Dorset UK.

Dan and Pete have been making music together for many years, this is their latest incarnation producing bass heavy dance music.

They have been compared to Leftfield,  Eat Static and System 7, though they insist that they have their own take on things, combining sweeping pads, squelchy acid 303 lines, dubby bass lines,  big kicks and well researched scientific samples....

The 220 Project have released a number of EP's and an Album - 'Between two Points of light'.

They have recently been signed by Big Groove Records and have released a two track EP featuring 'Event Horizon' and' Is that You?' These tracks can be heard below., where you can also find the pair's video for 'Event Horizon'.

There are plans for further releases in 2019 with a number of tracks completed and ready to go.

The Duo are currently on a mission in outer space but are able to return at a moments notice.


Is that You?

Event Horizon video