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The Waveform transmitter

There’s something about that 303 sound which makes music instantly infectious, is there not? Used correctly, it provides funk by the bucketload, makes slower tracks trippy, and makes faster tracks frenetic and euphoric. Thankfully, The 220 Project know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to the little silver box. 


The album as a whole really is quite a beautiful work. Their manipulation of sound via synthesis gives the overall package a cosmic feel, with elements of the tracks being reminiscent of Leftfield in their earlier Leftism guise.   


The acid theme that runs throughout the album also gives a nod towards Hardfloor,  in particular acid-trance banger The Reverse Process which the duo have kindly allowed us to premiere for them. You can listen below. Hold onto your socks, though, lest they be blown clean off your feet – this is high energy fayre and make no mistake.


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Between Two Points of Light’ is nine tracks of galactic futuristic psychedelic vibes. Its calm placid spacey electronics place you in a 
state of daze and gentle dizzy bewilderment. Deep warm basslines add texture and grounding to the hypnotic album while soft rapid beats flash like delicate laser lights giving you a blurry narcotic trip.