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Latest E.P. features two tracks of awesome spacey dubbiness- Event Horizon and Is that you ?

 it's available on Big Groove Records

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You can also check out the video   below......... have a look at the weirdos that do this stuff... 



The 220 project is named after an ill fated mission to discover the secrets of ARP 220 - the closest Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxy to Earth. 
The mission was left in the hands of two Technicians after the rest of the crew deserted the craft in 2011, following seven simultaneous supernova events. 
Technician 1 and 2 continue to gather information, record events, process information and broadcast the results back to earth.   
Some believe the Technicians have been seriously affected by the solitude and precarious nature of their existence . The recorded broadcasts will let you be the judge of that.

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